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A Leading Beverage Supplier: Coffee Mix 3 in 1, Milk Drinks, Energy Drinks, and Fruit Juices Distributor in Myanmar – Royal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Stuff Happen.

We will rise to meet the opportunity provided by the changing world around us. Consumers have higher disposable incomes and greater levels of awareness around what goes into what their purchases, where it comes from and what this implications of this are. They’re prepared to pay higher prices for products with a smaller footprint, and those that target positive social impact.

We are known for our ability to create new brands that define new categories, drive forward emerging ones and disrupt those that desperately need it. We already occupy a market- leading position in multiple sub-categories.

Our Credentials.

Royal Manufacturing Co., Ltd (A Leading Juice Company in Myanmar) has established credentials in FMCG products. We have decided to extend our brand attributes and become a market leader in the ‘conscious consumption’ market. Royal Manufacturing Co., Ltd consumers are shopping through the lens of ‘what’s good for the planet is also good for me’ and are aligning to brands that are centered on sustainability, natural ingredients, responsible sourcing waste.

We believe, that by making eco-friendly, responsibly sourced and plant-origin products we will not only play a role in the health outcomes of Royal Manufacturing Co., Ltd but take a leading position as a trusted beverage supplier.

Our relationships with our channel partners in grocery, pharmacy and export run much deeper than most, having been built on decades of close collaboration and knowledge sharing. This gives us the ability to rapidly test, iterate and refine our brands in real-world situations to the benefit of all.


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