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DeDe Juice

Enjoy the taste of natural fruits

Product Description

DeDe Fruit Flavored Juice is healthy because it is made from pure natural fruits without any chemical dyes.

DeDe Soft Drinks To prevent dizziness.

This time, let’s choose DeDe Flavored Juice for a refreshing drink.

Flavor Lychee, Mix Fruit, Orange, Strawberry, Pineapple
Packing Size 1Bottle = 280 ml

1CTN = (280ml*6 Bottle) *4 pack

Retail Price 24pcs 1pk = 14400ks

1pcs = 600ks


Main Ingredient (R.O)Water, Sugar, Food Acid(INS 330), Emulsifier(INS 466),Mixed Fruits Flavour,

Stabilizer (INS-331(iii)), Preservative(INS-211),Clouding Agent, Sweetener

(INS-950), Sodium Chloride, Sweetener(INS-420),Color(E-102),Color(E-133+102)

Country of Origin Product of Myanmar
Benefit Vitamin C