"...Royal Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. are looking for people to participate in the growth and continued development of our Company. Invite anyone who loves to work hard and be able to adapt to the business environment and market competition to work and move forward to a successful future with us...."



           Jobs Position
1.Sales and Drive     2
2.Marketing Supervisor     1
3.Brand Manager     1



You can apply via 3 channels;

1. Apply through Our web site.
2. Apply by E-mail can be sent CV Form to
3. Apply by yourself at
   Royal Manufacturing Co.,Ltd (Admin. Department)
    Ext.(10), Than Chat Wun U Myug Street, East Dagon Industrial Zone, Yangon.
    Phone: 01-585241, 584814, 09-73017736
    Ma Khin Saw Nwe: 09-421069571

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